The last post

This blog is nearly ten years old. It started out as a blog on the topic of teacher training in ELT which I eventually turned into the book A Practical Introduction to Teacher Training in ELT. After that I started to blog on other areas of interest – Business English, critical thinking, visual literacy, using video and anything else that came up. However, with ever-increasing demands on my time and the fact that I often write blogs for other sites, it seems time to close it down.

My new author site is is mainly just a website site with information about my publications and training. It will still have a blog in case I get the urge to write something and it will act as an archive for many of the blog posts from this site so you can still read them. Note that the new blog is live but is still being worked on – feel free to contact me via the site and give any comments/feedback 🙂

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to, who left comments, who contacted me as a result of reading the blog, and who came up to me at conferences to say hello because they’d read my blog. Let’s keep in touch!

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  1. Well that’s a pity for us readers.
    There are so many interesting and useful articles in the blog. Will they still be accessible in some form of archive?
    Thank you for all your work!

    • Hi. Thanks for your kind words. My plan is that the blog posts will all transfer across to the new website so you can access them. If – when this happens – anything does not appear that you need, please let me know which post.

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